The Revolution

Fantasy Exchange is changing the way we play Fantasy Football. Our rules cater to your team allegiance and our platform offers you direct access to the Legends of the NFL. Here at the Exchange, you’ll test your skills against the all-time greats, gain insights into player selection, and compete for incredible prizes.

The Difference

The Fantasy Exchange offers you unfiltered interaction with your Favorite Legendary Players. You’ll go toe to toe with the game’s greatest to see if you can best them in a test of fantasy wits as you help your team march to glory.

See the game through their eyes as they provide live analysis of the action as it unfolds on game day. Want to know what’s going on in the players’ heads before the snap? The Legends will weigh in to provide answers on our interactive blog as it streams in real time. Their rosters are scored just like yours too, so don’t forget to remind them if you’re having a killer week.

Still not enough? How about this: the Exchange allows you to root for your fantasy team AND your real team in the same place by not tying you to restrictive rosters. You can play whoever you want from your favorite team; you just can’t “start” any players who oppose them. We do that so you can focus on the game you care about most.

How You Win

You compete as an individual and as part of a team to win on the Exchange. Our Legends guide you as Team Commissioners while you serve as their valuable teammate.

As an individual, your task is to score as many points as possible. Finish the season with the highest point total on your team and win TWO LUXURY SUITE TICKETS TO THE LAST HOME GAME OF THE SEASON WHERE YOU’LL BE HOSTED BY ALL THE LEGENDS!

As a team, you compete for passes to the CHAMPIONSHIP BANQUET HOSTED BY ALL OF THE LEGENDS.

You’ll earn the right to share a meal with them and access a private autographing session by helping your team win the Title. Your commissioner’s reputation is on the line, so don’t let him down by not setting your lineups! Vist out How It Works page to learn more.

In addition, EVERY MEMBER OF THE EXCHANGE RECEIVES AN AUTOGRAPHED 8X10 ACTION PHOTO OF THEIR ASSIGNED COMMISSIONER. You’ll also receive exclusive Fantasy Exchange merchandise just for enrolling. And if that’s not enough, get this:


This is no gimmick. We're serious and our Legends have partnered with us to make a difference for our military vets..... Not only this year, but in years to come as well.
Visit our About Us page to learn why we're dedicated to this effort.

How You Sign Up

From September 20th to September 27th, you’ll place bids to enter the Exchange. You’ll also set your commissioner preferences from 1-12. The highest 2400 bids will gain entry and each competitor will be assigned to a commissioner based on bid size. The higher you bid, the more likely you are to secure your preferred commissioner. If your bid isn’t high enough to gain entry, don’t worry, you won’t be charged; you’ll just miss out.

Why You Should Join

Supporting Your Team + Playing Fantasy + Connecting with Heroes =
The Fantasy Exchange

The Revolution Starts September 20th. Submit your email address and we’ll send you insider updates as we unveil team details and commissioner recruiting messages. The Legends are in search for their franchise players. Will you be among them?